Image: LT Photos

Image: LT Photos


Laura Halvorsen is a Calgary-based musician and performer known for her powerful voice, haunting lyrics and on-stage prowess. Her minimalist songwriting style is accentuated by intricately looping her vocals and electric guitar sounds, bringing a unique, ethereal quality to her live performances.


Laura established herself in Calgary’s music scene in 2010 as a solo performer then grew her connection to the independent music community in 2013 as co-founder and front person of indie pop outfit Run Deer Run. The band’s debut album release (2015) was followed by an extensive touring schedule and lead to many unique performance opportunities including playing The Angry Inch in the iconic indie musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch.


Halvorsen is bringing these learnings to her solo material and plans to release a record in 2017 that will include collaborations with musicians from a range of genres to showcase her songwriting depth. 


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